The Registrar acts as the Registrar of International and Foreign Companies, Limited Liability Companies, International Trusts, International Partnerships, Foundations, and International Relationship Property Trusts. The Registry went online as of December 2011.

Registry figures as at 31 December 2022 were:

  • International Companies - 439
  • International Partnerships - 3
  • International Trusts - 2,023
  • Limited Liability Companies - 451
  • Foundations - 38
  • International Relationship Property Trusts - 0

Registration requirements

Only licensed trustee companies are able to register international entities on the Registry. For a list of licensed trustee companies please click here.

Prior to the registration of an international entity, a licensed trustee company must complete KYC procedures to establish a business relationship with any new client in accordance with the law and their internal procedures. The on-boarding process for new clients can vary in length depending on the needs of the client and the trustee companies procedures.

Once completed, a licensed trustee company may register international entities on behalf of its clients. The registration process typically takes less than 24 hours. The requirements for registration for the different international entities can be found here.

Further information relating to the types of entities registered by the Registrar can be found on the FSDA website here.  

To request information from the Registrar please see the Information Requests section here.

Policy on Bearer Shares

The Financial Supervisory Commission's approved policy to phase out Bearer Shares can be found here.

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