CIFIU have a responsibility to ensure that all reporting institutions and relevant government agencies have the capacity to comply with the international standards against money laundering and terrorism financing, including ensuring that that the general public is made aware of the relevant requirements provided by the necessary laws and regulations.


Computer-Based Training (CBT)

The Cook Islands FIU was one of the first countries to pilot the UNODC Computer-Based Training Program in 2004, which specifically contains modules on understanding money laundering.  In 2011, a new CBT system was introduced to include new programmes related to transnational crimes such as smuggling and border security. The UNODC curriculum contains 90 modules and is available in 18 languages.  There are over 300 established CBT centres in 52 countries with more than 100 of these centres being situated in East Asia and the Pacific.

Since the launching of the CBT, over 100 people from across the public sector, private sector and non-profit organisations have successfully undertaken the training programme. The training is available to any person including members of the general public.

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Designated Non-Financial Business Professionals (DNFBP)

At CIFIU we uphold our mandate to facilitate designed community workshop training that allows for non-profit groups and organisations to be educated and warned of the growing transnational organised crimes. The NPOs are vulnerable target areas for criminals to disguise illegal financial activities without the NPOs knowledge. The delivery of the trainings is a bi-annual event and has successfully been a positive incentive for the people of the Cook Islands.

On-site visits of other DNFBPs are stringent to ensure that professional businesses are compliant to the standards and regulations ratified to their businesses.


Outreach Programme

In 2006 CIFIU stretched the AML/CFT programme to the Southern Group of the Cook Islands and was successful in delivering the materials and resources required. The outreach programme is unique training that helps educate and train government officials, school providers, private sector businesses and also senior students of the outer islands.  All were given the opportunity to participate and contribute to the combating of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

In 2008 the same materials and resources were delivered to the Northern Group of the Cook Islands including Manihiki, Rakahanga and Penrhyn. This was successful and participants gained knowledge and skills in identifying criminal activities, how to respond to the activity and where to report them.

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