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FATF Public Statement:

FATF Public Statement 1 November 2019

FATF Public Statement 14 January 2019

FATF Public Statement 15 September 2017


List of Positions for Cook Islands Politically Exposed persons:

Cook Islands Politicially Exposed Persons Listing - October 2019

The purpose of this list is to assist reporting institutions with meeting their obligations under section 31(1) of the Financial Transactions Reporting Act 2017 to identify Cook Islands politically exposed persons. It identifies the job titles or positions considered by the Financial Intelligence Unit as meeting the definition of  politically exposed person domestically under paragraph (a) only. Reporting institutions are still required to obtain information relating to paragraphs (b) to (e) of that definition. The list does not make any determinations of risk.

The list is current as of 29 October 2019 and may be amended from time to time.

Previous lists

Cook Islands Politicially Exposed Persons Listing - April 2019

Cook Islands Politicially Exposed Persons Listing - December 2017


Border Currency Report Forms

A Border Currency Report declaration must be completed if you are carrying currency into or out of the Cook Islands, or receiving into or sending currency out of the Cook Islands. The required forms can be found here

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