Cook Islands Financial Services — Legislation

The FSC administers the following enactments and regulations in the Cook Islands:

The Commission
Financial Supervisory Commission Act 2003 
Financial Supervisory Commission Amendment Act 2003 

Financial Legislation Amendment Act 2012

Financial Supervisory Commission (Qualifications of Compliance Officer) Regulations 2004 

Banking Act 2011 
Banking Amendment Act 2012

Banking Amendment Act 2013

Banking Amendment Act 2015

Banking Amendment Act 2019

Banking Amendment Act 2020

Banking (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2014

Digital Register
Digital Registers Act 2011 

Foundations Act 2012 
Foundations Act 2012 (Forms)

Foundations Amendment Act 2013

Insurance Act 2008 
Insurance Amendment Act 2009 
Insurance Amendment Act 2011 
Insurance Amendment Act 2012

Insurance Amendment Act 2019

Insurance Regulations 2009 

Insurance Amendment Regulations 2014
Insurance Amendment Regulations 2019

Insurance Code 2010

Notice to Amend the Insurance Code 2010

Captive Insurance

Captive Insurance Act 2013

Captive Insurance Amendment Act 2019

Captive Insurance Regulations 2013

Captive Insurance Amendment Regulations 2014

Money-changing & Remittance Businesses
Money-Changing and Remittance Businesses Act 2009

Money-Changing & Remittance Businesses Amendment Regulations 2014

Trustee Companies
Trustee Companies Act 2014

Trustee Companies (Due Diligence) Regulations 1996

Trustee Companies Regulations 2014

Trustee Companies Amendment Regulations 2014

International & Foreign Companies
International Companies Act 1981-82

International Companies Amendment Act 2007

International Companies Amendment (No.2) Act 2007

International Companies Amendment Act 2013

International Companies Amendment Act 2015

International Companies (Forms) Regulations 1982 
International Companies (Prescribed Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2014

International Companies (Removal of Tax Exemption) Amendment Act 2019

International Companies (Removal of Tax Exemption) Transitional Provisions Regulations 2021

Limited Liability Companies
Limited Liability Companies 2008

Limited Liability Companies Amendment Act 2013

Limited Liability Companies (Forms) 2008 
Limited Liability Companies (Prescribed Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2014

International Trusts
International Trusts 1984 
International Trusts Amendment 1985 
International Trusts Amendment 1989 No23 
International Trusts Amendment 1989 No31 
International Trusts Amendment 1991 
International Trusts Amendment 1995-96 
International Trusts Amendment 1999 
International Trusts Amendment 2004 

International Trusts Amendment 2013

International Trusts (Forms) Regulations 1985 
International Trusts (Prescribed Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2014

International Partnerships
International Partnership 1984 
International Partnership Amendment 1999 
International Partnership Amendment 2004 

International Partnerships Amendment 2013

International Partnership (Forms) Regulations 1985 
International Partnership (Prescribed Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2014

International Relationship Property Trusts 

International Relationship Property Trusts Regulations 2022

International Relationship Property Trusts 2021 No 14 

Pacific Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility

Pacific Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility 2021 No 15

The provisions relating to fees are summarised under Prescribed Fees.

While every effort is made to ensure that this legislation is up-to-date, due to small changes frequently being made, no guarantee can be given about its current status. All enquiries as to statutes, regulations and other statutory instruments should be directed to the Clerk of the Parliament of the Cook Islands who will be able to provide copies of legislation in accordance with Parliament's conditions of access and supply.

Contact details are as follows:

Parliamentary Services Clerk
PO Box 13
Cook Islands

Phone:  (682) 26500      
Fax:        (682) 21260




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